While you’re having fun over the summer by taking a vacation, going
camping, swimming, or visiting an amusement park, going back to school
is probably the last thing on your kids’ minds. Many kids have their
braces placed during the summertime since the long break means they won’t
have to miss any school for the procedure. Before school resumes, it’s
a good idea to prepare yourself and your kids for back-to-school with
braces. These tips from our Speaks Orthodontics team will help your child
have a successful school year while under our orthodontic care.

Stock the Backpack

Kids should take a toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, and a flossing tool
with them to school. If your child uses bands, send an extra pack of them
in case one breaks. If your child doesn’t have a locker to store these
things in, his or her teacher or the school nurse may offer some space
in a drawer or their office. These items could also be kept in your child’s
backpack. Put everything into a plastic food storage bag with a zipper
to keep it away from germs and other children.

Remind Kids About Foods to Avoid

When packing your child’s lunch, refer to the list of foods to avoid
that we gave you when your child got his or her braces. If you’re
not sure whether a particular food is okay or not, our team is always
available to answer your questions by phone. Some kids get a school lunch.
If this is the case, remind your kids which foods to avoid, such as whole
apples and sticky candy.

Dealing With an Emergency

Once in a while, a bracket might come off, or a wire could get loose. If
this happens to your child at school or on the school bus, have him or
her call you as soon as possible. You can give us a call for guidance.
We keep same-day appointments available for emergencies, such as a broken
wire or a loose wire that is hurting your child’s mouth. These are
quick fixes, so you can bring your child in and get him or her back to
school in a short amount of time.

Summer always tends to fly by, that’s why it’s important to be
prepared for back to school with braces to be one step ahead. For more
information on caring for braces, going to school with braces, and other
braces tips, contact Speaks Orthodontics today!