Did your teen go back to school last month with braces? The good news: they’re on track to a straighter, healthier smile. The not so great news: they have to deal with cleaning their brackets and wires 24/7 — even during school hours.

1. Carry A Care Kit

Help them out by putting together a small, private dental to-go kit. This will help keep them organized and on track at school, practice, and even during a sleepover with friends.

2. Brush Or Rinse After Every Meal

Brushing is important in the morning, at night, and also after every meal. Remind them to brush or rinse after lunch and every snack.

3. Drink Plenty Of Water

Having a water bottle handy throughout the day will help clean their braces while keeping them hydrated at the same time. They should drink water instead of sodas or other sugary drinks since sugar can stain teeth and leave behind residue that can cause cavities.

4. Protect Your Mouth During Sports

Physical activity can be dangerous for anyone. But, it’s especially true for someone with braces. They should wear a mouthguard to protect their teeth and their braces from any impact or injury they may sustain out on the field or court.