One of the most common fears an individual may have is striking up a conversation with someone and seeing them recoil because you have bad breath. Even if you brush regularly, you may still find yourself struggling with breath that smells like you just ate a garlic sandwich. Luckily, there are several ways you can tackle halitosis at home and achieve minty-fresh breath.

Ways to Avoid Having Bad Breath

Drink Enough Water

Whether you simply don’t hydrate enough or you have a medical condition that causes you to salivate less, a dry mouth allows for more bad breath-inducing bacteria to grow and cause you to have halitosis.

Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water each day or ask your dentist about medications or mouthwashes you can use to moisten your mouth.

Scrub Your Tongue

Sure, you brush your teeth twice a day, but are you also scrubbing your tongue? Your tongue offers bacteria a lot of surface area to live and grow — which can easily cause you to struggle with halitosis. Make sure you’re brushing your tongue or get a tongue scraper to remove bacteria.

Quit Using Tobacco

It’s no secret that smoking, vaping, or using tobacco products in any other way can cause a number of health issues — including bad breath. If you want to ward off halitosis, you’re best off kicking this habit.

Avoid Stinky Foods

It’s no secret that certain foods, such as garlic or onions, can leave you with pretty foul breath. Cut back on munching on these ingredients if you want to keep your halitosis under control.