A dental emergency can always be scary, but if you are prepared for the worst than you are sure to see the best results. Keep your family safe from dental emergencies by having a plan in place.

1) Know Your Emergency Dental Options

More likely than not, your dentist has emergency hours or a dentist on call in case of an emergency. Make sure to save this number in your phone so that it is readily available should something happen.

2) Know What Constitutes an Emergency

If there is blood, pain, or a displaced or completely lost tooth, call your dentist. The quicker you receive medical treatment, the more likely you are to save the tooth. Some things, such as a chip or a knick on a tooth, do not count as emergencies and can hold off until regular dental hours to be seen and evaluated.

If you think you have a dental emergency, or you are unsure, contact the dental emergency number right away. again, the faster you act the more likely you are to preserve dental health.

3) If a Tooth is Lost

If a tooth is lost, carefully locate the missing tooth. Gently rinse it in warm water to take off any dirt or debris it may have picked up while dislodged. VERY carefully, place the tooth in your mouth in its original socket. DO NOT bite down or force it into place. If this is too painful, get a glass of milk and place the tooth in there until you can see a dentist. This will help preserve the tooth as long as possible and keep it alive while it is out of your head.