Making sure your kids brush their teeth every night is an important part of ensuring they don’t experience oral health problems later on. But, getting kids interested in brushing their teeth can be difficult. Often times, parents have to fight with their children to brush their teeth, and even then, they can’t always be certain that they are doing a good job of getting them clean. Thankfully, there are many free apps that you can to help your children be more enthusiastic about brushing their teeth and ensure they are brushing them effectively.

1. BrushyTime

This app includes timers and fun pirate theme songs to ensure that your children brush their teeth for an appropriate amount of time. As the timer ticks, a pirate and bird talk to your kids to keep them engaged in the brushing process.

2. Heroes of Hygiene

This fun app makes brushing your teeth a game, keeping your child’s attention for two minutes while they brush. You can choose to play with several different characters, including Captain Molar, Max Floss, and several others. The app also reviews important brushing techniques with your child and teaches them why brushing regularly is important.

3. T-Rex Toothbrush Timer

This app is perfect for kids who are interested in dinosaurs. The T-Rex on the screen shows your child exactly where to brush. Kids can follow his lead, brushing certain areas for specific amounts of time to ensure their mouth is squeaky clean by the time they are finished.

4. Brush Up

This app also teaches children how to properly brush their teeth. It features a cartoon robot that brushes his teeth as your child brushes their own. It also includes prizes, a unique theme song, and a mirror feature that allows your child to see their face next to the robot.

5. Disney Magic

If your child loves Disney movies, this is the perfect app for them. It includes appearances from 23 Disney characters and awards your child with a sticker when they brush their teeth for a full two minutes. The app can also be used to track progress and award them for reaching milestones.

Each of these apps helps teach your child how to brush their teeth and offer incentives to encourage them to brush thoroughly and regularly. If you continue to struggle to get your child to brush their teeth, be sure to consult with your dentist to determine another course of action!