Invisalign orthodontic treatments offer a number of benefits in comparison to other treatments on the market. One of those benefits is the fact that, unlike traditional metal braces whos brackets or wires can come loose or break, Invisalign is relatively durable.

However, whether due to mishandling or an accident, you may find yourself with a cracked aligner. If this happens, you may be wondering what you can do to repair it or if its safe to even wear still.

How Do Aligners Crack?

Since you wear them every day, simple wear and tear may be the cause of damage to your aligners. They could also become damaged if you mishandle them or don’t properly store them in their protective case. To protect them (and keep them sanitary) make sure you’re also carefully placing your aligners in their case whenever you take them out.

Can I Still Wear a Cracked Aligner?

The wearability of your cracked aligners will depend on the severity of the damage they experience.

Minor Cracks

If you notice a small, minor crack or line in your aligner, you may still be able to wear it until you switch to your next one. Be aware of whether the aligner feels like it doesn’t fit the same way, causes you pain or to spit more, or becomes further damaged. If so, you’ll want to give your orthodontist a call.

Severe Crack

If the crack in your aligner splits the tray or allows for any of the problems mentioned above, you’re better off switching back to a previous aligner and consulting your orthodontist.