Finding the right person to take care of your smile is important. Board certified orthodontists offer the highest level of dental care. Only 5% of dentists are orthodontists and only 1% have completed their board certification exams, making them Board Certified Orthodontists (like Dr. Speaks, at Speaks Orthodontics!). Who’s taking care of your smile?

How Do You Choose A Board Certified Orthodontist?

1. Obtain a list of local orthodontists in your area.

You can attain this from your dentist, family, friends, and even online. Once you have your list, narrow it down further by searching for local board certified orthodontists on the Board Certified Orthodontist Locator — they have extra training, and are recognized and accredited by the ADA.

2.Research your options.

Triple check that your top choices are in the Board Certified Orthodontist Locator, and that they’re orthodontic specialists and not dentists. Don’t forget to view the doctor’s website and read all of their reviews.

3. Meet for a consult.

Ask questions. Discuss recommendations and treatment options. Review costs, insurance coverage, and available payment plans. You want to make sure you’re receiving the best care at an affordable price!